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4 October 2018
Frankly speaking I was not having much expectations. Just availed of Amazon Prime and it was my first time order after becoming a Prime member. Being a prime member, brought the package to me in 2 days flat. It takes somewhere around 5-6 days usually.
The utensil (griller) is the easiest way to get home made grilled sandwich. You can add whatever you want. There's no specific or hard line rule for sandwiches.
1. Easy to use.
2. The attached handle lock helps holding sandwich together. You just have to flip sides randomly.
3. Perfect length of the handle with adequate Bakelite grip for keeping hands safe.

1. Need to be careful in beginning. Or else you end up with burnt sandwich. Keep flipping sides oftenly. Beginners better keep flame on lowest intensity. The normal sized bread sits perfectly in alot. Don't use oversized sandwich special bread.
2. The non stick sheet used for making, could have been a bit thicker.
3. Do not wash immediately after use. Let it cool down normally at room temperature. The sheet used is a bit thinner and may end up cracked if washed immediately after use.
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