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6 March 2019
Wow this is going to be lengthy.

Some background: I am a CS student who has to live in the college dorm as mandated. Student life can be hectic with projects, assigments and stuff and there isn't much one can do in a dorm-room with mediocre wifi and a lot of a other minor restrictions of keeping something for entertainment. I used to feel bored a lot and really had nothing else to do here.
I then found out about Nintendo Switch and decided to do some research into it. I was really intrigured by it as it brought back childhood memories of having a PSP (a handheld console like this for those who do not know). Plus, the additional factor of it having "MARIO" games in itself was nostalgic enough. Thus, I took a leap of faith (considering this has no warranty in India) and bought it on a whim. I also bought a 256gig microSD card as I planned to go digital (who has space for loads of those cartridge boxes in a tiny dorm room anyways. Also, they get lost and scratched so...). The moment I held it and played my first game (Smash Bros Ultimate), I knew I made the right choice. IT IS JUST SO MUCH FUN! Props to Nintendo for making this amazing console and making awesome new versions of the old classics (Zelda BOTW and Super Mario Bros being a few)! Its a perfect pick-it-up-and-play console which isn't "serious" or distracting enough to distract me from my studies (it can be if you buy beautiful and engaging RPGs like Zelda and Xenoblade but I didn't haha).
The UI of this console also gets a lot of appreciation from me being a budding front-end developer myself. Its slick, fast and did I say awesome? It is to the point and keeps the gaming aspect of it to the front with a bold square boxed array of your downloaded/current cartridge's games being the main menu. I am in love with just every aspect of it!
TL;DR This is an awesome console for any age group and with the amount of games it has (and has coming) will surely keep you entertained for ages!

Some general tips for Indian buyers:
0. No warranty (but you already know that don't you?) but the build quality is reliable enough that you probably won't be needing it anytime soon.
1. Indian PayPal accounts work with this console so use that (haven't tested credit/debit cards but I hear Axis/ICICI work).
2. I encourage you to buy digital games as they give you virtual coin credits which can take a few bucks off your next game purchase. Also, they are a bit cheaper than physical copies due to no regional pricing for them (physical copies) in India.
3. The charger that comes in the box is a flat-pin 110-240V brick but can be used as-is if any ports of your house has the flat-pin connector.
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