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1 November 2018
Despite various positive review on Youtube, I will not recommend anyone looking for this band. I am a bit over weight and I love evening walk. On day one i track evening walk, it was very motivational and on the second day I found the step tracker was very inaccurate. If you are planning to wear it all day and your day include travelling on vehicle, you will be pissed. I was travelling on a bus that day, when I get on that bus my steps were 11446 and when I get off it was 16549.
The heart rate tracker, its very inaccurate too. Surprise?
Its a chinese company they will trick you in any possible way. Here is my experience: If you connect your band with the phone and track the walking/jogging via mi fit app(using GPS) the heart rate reading will be above 100bpm but if you do not connect to the app and do the same routine the reading will be below 100bpm. Clearly its a trick to fool us .
Battery life is close to 20 days, I advice you to charge the band to 100% right after unboxing it, before you turn it on.

Screen: direct sunlight visibility is terrible.

Built Quality: If you do not work in a harsh environment they device will survive. You cannot expect to built like a tank. But the strap is rigid it will last longer than the band itself.

Final thought, its a waste of money I'd say. You cannot rely on it thought if you are planning to use it for reading notification, go for it. For 2k, its okay okay. Do not expect anything from this band. Hold your temptation and buy something worth buying.
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