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25 July 2017
I was waiting for this book since a long time, in fact I had pre-booked it a month ago, and to be honest it worths the wait. It was amazing to read and know the power of Mantra not only in Theoretical sense but also in present day applicability. As commonly believed today that mantras are just a pseudoscience and its effectiveness is just a placebo effect. Author of this book breaks that misbelief and establishes the ancient science of mantra at its right place.

Let us go through some common questions and their answers, so that it will become clear that whether we should purchase this book or not :

* What is genre of book? 

This belongs to Non Fiction genre, since it is about science of Matntra, so it covers technicalities from the base to end and also establishes the cause and effect relationships between various sadhna’s.

* What does it covers? 

Apart from what is mentioned in last question, it covers every nook and corner of successfully taking up Mantra Yoga as your main mode of spiritual journey.

* Will it be interesting and useful to me?

Let me quote the author’s words here “ If you don’t believe that God exists or that He (or She) can have a form, let me tell you at the outset that mantra yoga is not for you. You will not stand to gain much by walking the path of mantra yoga or reading this book”

With all due respect to the author, let me differ from the his words here: after reading this beautiful book, With a strong conviction I can tell you, it doesn’t matter whether you are interested in mantra science or not, just read it to see what the power of mantra can do. It will atleast give a peace of mind that something so powerful like this science exists!

* Does it Provides methods for successfully Realising your dreams and achieving your goal?

The way in which whole structure of mantra science is laid down in this book, it becomes imperative that you are going to successfully achieve your goals through it “Most important is to follow it right from the beginning to the end” as far as I understand it is a equation, where every variable is of utmost importance, you could only get result after getting the equation right.

* What is the approach of book, Traditional or Modernistic?

Since it is talking about an ancient science so naturally it is inclined towards traditional side of the subject, but we need not to be concerned about it, because afterwards author also amalgamates the modernistic side, otherwise this book will not fulfils its purpose of establishing Science of mantra at its right place.

* What is Structure of the book?

There are basically 4 units in the book i.e




Detailed notes

All the above units covers several chapters that will talk about various topics such as Six limbs of mantra, Selecting right mantra, flaws in mantra and how to correct them, how to chant them correctly, invocation and its hurdles, Hand locks(mudras), Essential steps of Puruscharana (invocation), and so on….One will get amazed by plethora of topics introduced by author and mind it, while reading, you will realise each word in the book is from primary source and experience, not from secondary means of literature.

* What are the Sadhanas that are covered in the book?

Oh! my, while reading those sadhanas, it took me to another world, since Author himself does not specifically mention the names of sadhana, so I will let you read them yourself, but I can’t resist the temptation to share the name of one sadhana which I haven’t find anywhere else with such a clarity and precision. It is “SRI SUKTAM”

* Things worth special mention!!

- Most wonderful are the real life pictures of Author performing mudras (hand locks) for you, it makes content more practical and accessible.

- If nothing else, then you are surely going to love his personal anecdotes while treading the path of Mantra Yoga.

-This book gives you a hope and faith that if you dont have a guru then worry not, it will work as a guru for you and guides you on the path of mantra yoga and if you really want a Physical Guru then it gives you a special sadhana to ‘get your personal guru’

Last but not least, I feel that book like this comes once in a lifetime or centuries and gets to the status of scripture, it is a collector’s edition.

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