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20 October 2018
First : it looks like a cheap plastic phone. And go for a black Samsung onpro5 ,even if you think of buying .
1) the keypad is very compact making it very difficult to write even a very simple message . Not recommended to buy
2) Volume is low even on full volume .so that's kinda annoying.
3) it's a normal phone .I don't know how can people give it 5 stars or 4or even 3 .may be they are paid reviews .
4) once fully charged and if you are not using it much ,the battery works good for 24 to 30 hours .so that's fine
5) and if anyone wants to buy , BUY IT FROM ME. I will give u for same price as I brought from this website
6) once purchased from Amazon,their return policy is useless,it's just to make u feel like they are being helpful ,u CANNOT get refunds from amazon so your bad again .
7) Amazon initially had a international feel to it but now it's more of a local baniya .Sorry to say that but now it's no more a charm.
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4.0 out of 5 stars
₹ 6,689.00 - ₹ 7,190.00