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8 April 2019
The beauty of nothingness is that it is contained in everything and it contains everything.

Book: The Journey: Traveller Within
Author: Tarun Deep Singh
Genre: Philosophy: Mind & Body
Price: INR 199/-
Rating: 4.8/5

I thought this book to be a self help philosophical book, but the content is beyond just philosophy. There are times when you want rational justifications behind statements before believing them, and this book have them all. It is so much about self realization, self analysis, introspection, realization of inner strength and a big step towards self growth.
The narration is descriptive, and well researched. Language used is reader friendly but you've to sink in deep to understand each concept. As this book has concept within concept. There's so much inside like it is full of quotes from religious book like Gita, quotes from Guru Nanak Saheb, motivational quotes etc. The most interesting part is that each ideology is supported by mathematical and scientific logics. Such work is very rare to read where the findings and ideas are supported by logics. Flow charts and diagrams in book has helped in clear understanding. Key points below are points of attraction. Though the cover could be more creative and vibrant but let's not judge it by cover. Overall, the concept is new as it touches various aspects like karma, ego, greed, depression, guilt, conflict between soul and the world and more.
Book is divided into different chapters for seeking soul. Out of those I liked 'Who Am I' the most. I've reason for it. The way author has explained nothingness is phenomenal. An excerpt from book is: ' Vacuum which can be thought of hollowness does not mean nothingness'. I mean on each page you'll find such quotes which you'll want to jot down in your diary or paste on the wall.
This self remedy is full of knowledge, correct philosophy which is supported with facts and concrete ideas.
For me, this was personally motivating and positive.
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4.1 out of 5 stars
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