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5 March 2019
A silently launched masterpiece by Samsung. No Ads. No Pre-information. Fearing S10 sales? Or hurryingly released to beat Redmi Note 7? Anyways. Let us see the pros & cons:


1) Display: The best display in the market till date. It is a known fact (through internet sources) that Samsung manufactures display for iPhones, the world's costliest phones. So as usual, they stand superb in this Super AMOLED display with Full HD+.

2) Backup Beast: 4000 mAH battery will last: 3 days for light users; 2 days for moderate users; 1 day for heavy users.

3) Full Screen: Display is almost full. Just a small and perfectly placed camera in the middle - U Notch. I felt this is far better than abnormal camera placements in S10 series.

4) Fantastic Camera: In the light, whether the rear camera or front camera, both are excellent while producing 25 MP pics. See the sample shots at 3rd and 4th images of Lord Krishna.

5) Great Design: As usually, A series from Samsung always look very premium. And this too looks premium.

6) Screen Protection: After searching over the net, though this doesn't have Gorilla Glass, it does have Asahi's Dragon Trail glass, which is also rugged when comes to protection.

7) Charging: First time Samsung has provided C-Type charger, that too with a very faster charger (15W). I meant at this price point.

8) UI: Samsung's new One Touch UI is great. Very nice to customize.

9) Price: Dead cheap. Samsung has decided to be very aggressive in the market. At this price, one can blindly go for this.


1) Camera: In low lighting conditions, the cameras' quality is not very good.

2) Plastic Back: I think Samsung should have provided a glass-back or metal-back at this price point. They have provided a plastic back (polycarbonate).

3) Processor: Nowadays, for this price range, a high-end processor is expected. But Samsung never does this. Because it invests its money in the display. So this con is subjective. For display lovers, this is not a big con. But for speed lovers, this will be a big con.

4) Speaker: This is the biggest con in all the mobiles I have found. I don't know why. It is ONE & ONLY ONEPLUS, which provides users very high quality and loudest speakers in the industry; that too in a single speaker. I really don't know why companies don't learn from OnePlus.

5) Ineffective Fingerprint Sensor: I don't know why companies are trying to put fingerprint sensors inside the display. The outside hardware fingerprint sensor is FAR FAR BETTER THAN IN-DISPLAY FINGERPRINT SENSOR (even in look-wise). Even OnePlus 6T, which has such a high-end processor, fail to recognize and unlock quickly our fingerprints. So why did Samsung tried this?

6) Double Tap: Samsung should learn to provide "Double Tap" to turn off/on screen. We should rely only on the power button. Though this is not a big con for others, it is for me.

Conclusion: For this price point, one can blindly go for this. It is very much worth. I feel in the corner of my heart, this phone beats S10+ also (by comparing prices I meant).
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