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10 May 2017
Powermax Fitness TDA-230 2HP (4HP peak) Motorized Treadmill with Auto Incline, Auto-lubrication (Warranty: Motor-3 yrs; Other parts-1yr; Frame:Lifetime)

This no fake review - Every word in this review is accurate and I am happy to support it with emails, communication chains, evidences etc. PLEASE READ - IF YOU LOOKING TO BUY ANYTHING FROM POWERMAX FITNESS THEN DON'T!!

Below is the ordeal I am going through for purchasing a brand new treadmill in December'16 which was faulty from the get-go with parts both damaged and not functioning. Now we are in May'17 and the company has done nothing about it. Therefore, save your money and NEVER BUY FROM POWERMAX FITNESS.

I wanted to buy a treadmill for my parents and the unfortunate day and moment came upon this product and purchased it. I called Powermax Fitness and they assured me all support, care, technical help etc. needed to put it together and support its operations for the warranty period.It was only later I realized that all of it was lies.

Item arrived on time however no one showed up to assemble it, which I was told would be done. My parents were told you can assemble it yourself which they did.

From the very moment the machine was setup, these were the problems observed, namely:
1. The display did not work correctly. Numbers appeared shaky while a part of the display was blank (the wires were not loose, it was double checked).
2. The motor ran too slow, for example 6km/hr was not really 6 but more like 4.
3. The pulse monitor gave inaccurate readings. On wearing it and not even running, it raced up and down showing disparate hear beats.
These were the major ones.
Additionally, there were some other minor issues including but not limited to noise the motor made, shaking of belt etc.

Past Situation
Upon observing these issues, I called Powermax Fitness about the plethora of issues and was assured a mechanic will come to the house and rectify the problems. My parents were traveling abroad for a month so we only opened the machine after the return period had lapsed and therefore had to settle for fixing the issue than changing the equipment (I wish I had the option of return - I would have dumped it at their office entrance). Anyways, the mechanic shows up after numerous email exchanges requesting assistance. I'd say it took him more than a month - so much for prompt service!

On inspection, the mechanic says verbatim "yes, these parts are faulty and this is observed in other machines too" and by parts he meant Motor and Display. The 2 essential requirements for a treadmill to run. Now why would anyone use faulty parts and sell it thereby fooling the customers!!!!!

Amazon tried to assist us but was helpless because of Powermax Fitness policy of no returns. In addition, the fact they mention return on faulty parts, is absolute;y ridiculous because their commitment to it does not exist. In the past 6 months, not once have they mentioned to us about changing parts and have been evading the question each time I ask the same.

Current Situation
I am 6 months into the purchase, I have a brand new faulty machine catching dust at home. I literally have a 25 plus email chain going on to Powermax Fitness asking them every two weeks to come and fix the machine and every time they respond saying yes we will take care of it at the earliest but offcouse nothing happens.

The team manager Rakesh and team Rajesh, Dimple, Chandu have done nothing to help a customer. This was an expensive purchase and yet no response or any action taken to help out. The only thing they do is reply to emails with a one liner 'yes we will take care of it' while sitting in the comfort of their office.

Feel free to reach out to me if you want more information, details or facts for the vendor, Powermax Fitness. Ultimately, do yourself a favor and buy from elsewhere and never from here!
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