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17 October 2018
The story picks up with a recount of Book 1 and Book 2. Manu is done building the Ark to save all of mankind from the Great Deluge. He has done so under the directions of Matsya, the first avatar of Vishnu, and must now protect it from all evil.

Meanwhile, back in Benaras, Vidyut has saved his grandfather from the jaws of death by the hands of the maha taantrik Trijat Kapaalik. Once Dwarka Shastri has sufficiently recovered, he recounts to Vidyut the history of his lineage, how his father was actually killed, how the secret of the Black temple will be revealed to Vidyut, as he is the Chosen One.

The Brotherhood of the New World Order is worried as the prophesied time- Rohini Nakshtram, is fast approaching, and they are nowhere close to discovering the location of the last Black Temple. They know they must get hands on Vidyut to reveal the secret soon to ensure that they remain in control of the entire world. Dwarka Shastri walks Vidyut through all that the New World Order has done till date to discover the location of the Black Temple.

Vineet Bajpai captures your interest in every page. The chapters are short with each ending on an unfinished note that makes you want to keep reading. His words are vivid with imagery, which can be a bit gory at times, but it definitely breathes life into the story. A fantastic amalgamation of history, with mythology and fantasy that leaves you wondering whether our history books have hidden the truths of the world from us. I absolutely loved the series, and I was quite happy how it ended, though a part of me wishes that there would be a fourth part.
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