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26 August 2017
I researched a lot before buying the perfect hair straightener, like anyone else.
But what i realized is, you will never be satisfied with the one you have. So just buy the one that you think suits you now..

First confusion is kerashine or not?
Well.. the keratin layer would wear off in no time.. if you use a straightner more than thrice a week, the serum will wear off in around 2 months, leaving a ceramic plate, which might break your hair strands. So buy the non kerashine ones and buy a good serum (matrix or Livon). Apply the serum about 10 min before using the straightner.. and see the miracle.. even if the hair goes back to normal, given the humid weather... your hair will feel amazingly soft and wavy!

Secondly, temperature control..
Well, controllable stuff is always good 😉
The use would be.. to apply higher temperature on the major area.. and using lower temperature setting for the flicks and the bangs...
In case you notice any roughness or damage, yet you need to style your hair, like you need air.. you can simply use the lower temperature setting with a lot of serum, for less damage. The serum actually has silicon, so it forms a thick layer around each hair strand, so obviously the damage would be less, provided you don't apply it on your scalp. The scalp needs breathing too!

Lastly the setup time.. well the sooner the better.. yet there was a thousand rupee difference for 30 sec less setup time. That is for a straightner to heat up fully from the moment you plugin, takes 30 to 60 seconds.. this one takes the latter.. but if you are ready to pay ₹1000 more for a reduced 30 sec heat up, you can choose other Phillips model too.

The color is really cool.. so is the convenience of the wire length. It is long enough!

The product arrived well before the promised time. The packaging was good.
However there was a weird whitish powdery stuff on the wire, which I later wiped off. On asking, they assured it wasn't anything bad, just the packing dust.
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