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1 November 2018
I got this on sale for Rs. 156. The printed price is Rs. 390.
This is considered one of the best books for 'Modern India' part for Civil services examination.
For those who have 2017 version of this book, you don't need to purchase this. Only 1 chapter name 'After Nehru' has been added.
For those having an edition of 2016 of before, this is a huge upgrade. Go for it.
For those who don't have it, purchase it. It is one of the best books for the prelims as well as mains of Civil Services Examination.

1. The book covers the modern Indian history from 'The advent of the Europeans in India' to 'India after Independence'. The previous versions didn't have so much of details but this book leaves nothing. Complete modern Indian History has been covered.
2. The details have been taken care of. All the nuances have been paid attention by the author. It makes it enough for UPSC CSE.
3. This book also contains factual data which makes it useful for State Civil Services examinations too.
4. The language is quite simple. It makes this book even more useful.
5. Headings have been used wherever required. The text has not been present in the form of text without any point or bullet which makes the book tiresome to read. This book is very easy to read as enough gaps have been provided.
6. At the end of the book, some short notes have been provided which are extremely useful for the preparation.
7. The book is of small size.
8. The page quality has been considerably improved.
9. The binding is also good.
10. The font size is big. Hence easier to read.

1. Very thick. Hence difficult to handle to some extent.
2. Since the data has been introduced in this edition in a huge quantity, the reader needs to be extremely selective regarding what to read and what not to read. The reader needs to learn how to choose.
3. Since the book is now being updated by other authors and not by the original author Mr Rajiv Ahir, the book is losing relevance with time. The output/input ratio has come down at a rapid pace with this edition. Still useful for now.

Final comment- If you haven't read any book on Modern Indian History, purchase this book. This is a one-stop solution for Modern Indian History. If you have read anything else on this subject, still you should purchase it and extract out the things needed as this book is just like an encyclopedia for Modern Indian History.
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