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3 February 2019
The fact that our judgments and reasonings are often flawed was nothing new to me: All you need is to look at your own judgment and the judgments of those around you, analyze them as impartially as you can, then the facts will stand out like a dinosaur in a modern zoo. You just can't miss it. But the ingenious methods and ideas he comes up with to gather evidence to prove that fact is amazing.
The author elucidates the two main facets of our minds namely, fast thinking and slow thinking together with their pros and cons, thereby, making them easily accessible to the layman. The book is informative, enlightening and very humbling. We're not as intelligent and reasonable as we love to envisage ourselves to be. If you enjoy reading this book you must also try ' Quiet' by Susan Cain; the two makes a perfect combination.
This book is a must read for everyone. I definitely recommend it.
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