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18 February 2019
First things first, It's a Real bang for buck. The True Dolby digital 5.1 Chl Surround Home Theatre System from world renowned company SONY.

So let's start the review with Pros:-

As I said it's a powerful and true Dolby Digital 5.1 channel Home Theatre which shatters you the hell out of it.

Usually for 5.1 channel Home Theatre system the speakers earlier days we use to get Center Speaker, FrontLeft, Frontright, Back left and Back right satellite speakers and 1 Sub woofer. But these days the Center left and right are being joined together in one form and called as Soundbar and Rear Left & Rear Right satellite or range speakers and Subwoofer comes individually.
Installing/ Taming this beast is damn easy and it's noting rocket science. You can simply follow the Manual and it gets you there.
Positioning the Soundbar and range speakers and Subwoofer plays as very very very vital role. So make sure you place the Soundbar exactly down of your TV in center position. And placed the Subwoofer at the Lett side of your TV on floor, I say again " On Floor" to get the most realistic thumping Bass from woofer. And to of all this the main connectivity from TV to Subwoofer system should be via HDMI ARC (Auto Return Channel) or if your TV doesn't have ARC support then go for second option Optical out. Only with this options you will get a sheer solid sound of Dolby.

So this beast is very clever and it's powered with SONY smart amp which amplifies your sound input to a massive theatre like feel and make your utensils giggle. I bet you cannot go over 25-30 volume level. It's huge sound. Blu-ray's will give you perfect 5.1 CHL Dolby content and Netflix, Amazon Prime. You tube you don't have much content with 5.1 CHL compatible but still you can enjoy the movies or songs with terrific sound. The quality of sound input you give to this system it amplifies and magnifies it hugely. Like 320kbps bitrate songs and 1080p FHD movies will blast you with sound. Very Impressive sound with Clear Audio+ feature and other options as well. Overall this is a Superb Home Theatre system.

Now coming to Cons :

The build quality of Subwoofer wooden thing I somewhat feel it's little below the Benchmark. The wires also little bit lean and some times you feel will they break. I had a 5.1 chl Creative Inspire Multimedia system, The build quality of Subwoofer and wires were totally strong and robust. Sony should have given more attention towards build quality of wires. Well if you take good care and place them in proper safe manner i think that should work without any issues. So overall it's bang for buck.

I recommend this to all. Give a right content to it and see the magic it will never disappoint you guys and always makes you feel you're in Dolby Atmos theatre and jaw dropping experience.
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