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5 April 2019
Book name: Heist Artist
Author: Vish Dhamija
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My review:
I don't how many people are out who is a fan Amitabh Bachan but let's just and I practically grew up watching parwarish , deevar, coolie etc. and trust me , I can imagine this book being turned into a movie with Amitabh sir in lead during 70s and being a blockbuster . ( This coming from is a really big compliment , as l really enjoy those movies , and your book @ gave me those vibes . Congratulations sir )
Now coming back to the book , it's a story of Vagh Pratap Singh aka The Captain who is a con man doing petty jobs for various prominent people and politicians.
However the new project which he receives from Uddam Singh seems to him as means to restart his life .
The project consist stealing a famous painting and story is about how he accomplishes this task
The storyline is interesting and filled with suspense .
The narration is fast paced . The language used is simple and easy to understand . The characterisation is superb . The tittle and cover are appropriate . Overall it was a pleasure reading this book and I would it to all crime and thriller readers.
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