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22 March 2018
This one just make me feel so sad and bad. As i love my dad the most and never want to leave him at any cost. Whether its love or anything else , i never want to hurt him or want to give him such a pain.
It really make me think that the amount of pain we inflict on our parents by making such a stupid and selfish decisions. This book really taught me the pain which we give to our parenthood.
ONe must know the value of parents - they are living God. They do everything to make their child happy and expect nothing in return.
@iamsaravofficial said right - love is painful. Love makes a person selfish. Love binds a family and in the process, breaks two. Love gives you enormous strength. Love can make you feel weak. Love gift you scar , beautiful moments , painful memories.
And at last this short story make me feel so good. Thank you so much for this amazing book 💖
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