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10 March 2019
Worst product..!! My drive corrupted within 7months of purchase and even i filled that shitdrive with 1.5TB precious data of my life!! It got ducked and now to claim warranty i need to travel 50km from my home and after that I’ll get second hand same drive from the company without data obviously.. i told them please at least try to repair my drive they refused it and told me that that’ll cost you 900$ we’ll give you your data and repair it but you need to throw 900$ on their corrupteddriveface!! The company the drive everything is corrupted af now due to worst quality i lost my 1.5TB of data and now it’s been 1year i still don’t get time to travel 50km to get my drive replaced and i still have hope that Maybe! Automatically drive will fix itself unfortunately that didn’t happen I’m requesting all of you don’t purchase this product!! I bought 7WD Elements drive and it’s been 4-5years and those drives are working great!! Never expected this from seagate sadly, i need to get WD again! Gave 4k+ rupees for this holypieceofcrap and damn!! My data all of my tour pics all were in there they are priceless god! Don’t fall of the price please! Buy alternative!
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