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23 May 2017
The book consists 9 main stories titled with different line and 9 sub-stories titled under "These circuses that sweep through the landscape". I would be frank and blunt, I skipped 2 main stories and 4 sub-story because I lost grip. I tried my best to finish them but I failed. So I decided to write the review and give justice to other stories.

Following are things that I liked about book:
- Comical part of "The Mall"
- Hidden romance between to ex from "Mili"
- Dark sides of characters from "Drinks at Seven"
- Mr. Ghosh and his hypothesis
- Mr. Poonawala's passion towards his profession

You can call me a mediocre reader but I was not able to gauge ending of few stories. Book lost it tempo at many places which have made me skip few pages.

But I think as a debut work, Tejaswini has done a splendid job. The main reason is character building. Even though it's collection of short stories, each story has given proper importance to the main character of that story, which is rare in short-stories.
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4.1 out of 5 stars