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30 March 2019
🔥 The heist artist ⭐
A thriller novel which won't dissapoint you if you pick it up!
The story is very nicely composed and the smooth narration makes it more indulging.
My love for fine arts made me more curoous about the story and also let me tell you something about the story.
The main focus of the story is on "stealing van gogh painting" yes that very famous artist(impressionist) of "the night sky" and sunflower
So if you too are an art lover then it will be more interesting for you and if you have no interest in it, don't wprry it still a great read.
The good part of thriller is that it should be unpredictable. Yes this book was so. The suspense and plot was good, (specifically 7/10)
If I say something about the story-it would be the plot and composition which I'll applaud for and the character sketch but among them the plot could have been better and also it was a little more condensed. As I felt that there's a descent amount of filler in story.
At last as I've earlier said that this book won't dissapoint you untill and unless you read a very negative review which will play with your mind untill you read a positive one.
Happy reading
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