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25 August 2018
I found his "Half Girlfriend" simple and beautiful with quite a few messages. A story of a boy who struggles with English, finding the love of his life, losing her, encountering her again and guess what, losing her once more, intertwined with the problems and the total lack of amenities in rural
CB has written a wonderful love story with lots of twists and turns which will leave you in tears on several occasions. Whenever Madhav seems recuperated from his pains, the suffering starts all over again.
However there are other elements to this book which adds to the appeal like the inferiority complex Madhav develops due to his inability to converse in English and the way he overcomes that, the difference between the high class Delhi and the impoverished rural Bihar where people struggle to get 3 hours of power supply on a daily basis, the grants offered by Melinda Gates foundation to Madhav's school which even our government couldn't etc.

Overall I really liked the book and this one is right on top of CB's books along with 2 states. Enjoy the read!
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4.2 out of 5 stars