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22 September 2016
1. Price
2. Aesthetics

1. Cheap plastic used to keep price low.
2. Screws provided are not sufficient(length) to mount in the front of most standard cabinets. Screws are too small. Luckily my deepcool tesseract cabinet came with extra long screws which I used. If your cabinet does not provide that you will have to buy the extra screws.
3. Noise level. Even though it is mentioned 19 dba, the noise is really high for what they claim. With no ambient noise like ceiling fan etc, the noise is clearly audible across a decent sized bedroom. The fact that there are no rubber mounts adds to the noise and vibration.
4. Air volume is nowhere near to 90 cfm as they have claimed. I am comparing this with good brands(coolermaster, antec) that claim 90fm.

Suggestion : If you have limited budget, if you want to use this on lower heat dissipating processors & gpu like intel 6th gen, gtx 750 ti, if you want to cool only the front hard disk bays, then this is a good option. It wont suffice for heavy duty cooling requirements. And certainly not for silent PC
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