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23 August 2018
This is my first electric shaver. My skin is very sensitive and soft but beard is very hard, uneven and rough. I've been using traditional razor all my life like mach 3 (turbo, sensitive, fusion) with sensitive foam. It was working fine. Whatever I've had, how much ever carefully I've shaved, after 2 days my facial skin is very bad with very rough growth. For a long time I've used phillips trimmer. But its not good as shave.

Finally I decided to try electric shaver. Obviously I tried amazon with highest rating. I decided with this one with average 4 star rating. I've read all 1 star reviews. Its understood that they made this because of bad packaging or used product. But if anyone is saying this shaver's performance is bad, please don't listen to them. They either don't know how to use an electric shaver or they are using it on long beard.

Guys this is not for long beard. This is good for twice a week shaver. I shaved with my sensitive foam. It works like a massage. It gave irritation to my neck because of sensitive skin as its written on the box it will take couple of time to adjust with your face. Better watch youtube videos to understand how to use it.

So ultimately, good product. You can go for it.
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