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9 October 2018
Just need an HDMI port and u are sorted..
1. U need a good Internet connection (may be 5mbps and so) for decent watch. Even it can play at 1mbps but thr quality would not be that great.
2. Have in-house app store. U can d/l apps like Netflix, hotstar, sony, voot etc. You can see the free version content if u want from any of the apps.
3. For this to have a great use, one should have premium accounts of atleast two like Prime, netflix (Its not mandatory but or else you won't have much content)
4. Remote is good. I read alot of complaint about battery dying but i have been using it from more then 2-3 months now and haven't replaced the cell yet. Nonetheless you can d.l the fire tv app and its sorted.
5. My usage is almost 2hrs daily in weekdays and 8-9 hrs in weekend and I end up using appx 200gb of data (Airtel plan with speed of 40mbps).
6. What lacks is volume button in remote. Since some app have high volume some hav low. So u need tv remote.
7. I haven't recharged my DTH from last 2 months as I have paid subscription of Prime, netflix and hotstar. I think u don't need much as hotstar have news and sport channels other have contents. Moreover voot and sony liv have lot of shows which are free now e.g kbc, big boss etc.
8. I got it at 2500 (in the last sale, net price after paying from Pay balance).
9. One should only purchase it during sale as it will range between 2500-3000.
10. You tube can be seen from silk browser. Thr's also an app which can be used.
11. If u are planning to use this as Mirroring is not great (Google Chromecast is superb for that).
12. I think I had covered almost every point. My intention of putting this review before this sale is so that u can judge if u want to buy. Also I had almost used it for 2months so i am giving it 5 on 5.

Have fun!
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