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30 September 2018
This is the best in class for beginners. I have owned both Yamaha and Casio is past.

- Cheapest Keyboard with Touch sensitivity and MIDI.
- Good build quality.
- Great Piano sounds.
- Can run on AA batteries.

- Low volume speakers (Yamaha equivalent as same low volume speaker so nothing to complaint to be true but still everyone should be aware)
- Power adapter sent along with the box was not original, but nothing to complain as the market price with original adapter is 1000k expensive that this.
- No light on keyboard display. Someone living in remote areas where is problem of electricity for long hours, this won't be the right choice as you will run this most of the time on AA batteries. Opt for Yamaha PSR - e363 then.
- Does not have Indian instruments, most of the other Models are prefixed with "IN" in their model number stating those are Indian edition but this one does not have any Indian instrument in specific, like Harmonium etc.
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