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27 January 2016
I've not read Backman's first book, but having finished this one, I know I'm going to add that one to my reading list as well.

Elsa is a precocious almost-8-year-old going on 17 years. She's left heartbroken when her Granny dies from cancer, because her Granny was her superhero (and every almost-8-year-old deserves a superhero!). Her Granny is her safe haven, her partner in crime, her only friend. That is, until she dies. But she leaves with Elsa a couple of letters to be delivered to the various residents in the building where they live which ends becoming a treasure hunt, an adventure, of sorts.

I loved the way the fairy tales were interwoven with the stories of the various residents. I loved the way the layers of each character are revealed. Even the shallowest character seems to have a depth in his story.

This story has fairy tales, superheros, wurses, Christmas and redemption and lots of laughter and some tears. An absolute winner, in my books!
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