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30 April 2019
This is probably the best quality monitor available at this price range.

Initially I got shipped the AU16FHD (which is the USB powered variant). It promptly started showing signs of malfunction in less than a day. My replacement order shipped A16FHD as mentioned in the product page.

I feel the A16FHD is actually better than the newer AU16FHD for a couple of reasons. So far haven't come across any issues with my replacement unit.

The key differences between A16 and AU16 are:
1) Power - AU16 doesn't come with a charger of any form and I don't think they tested it well enough. I think it is more prone to malfunction as a result or I just had a faulty unit. A16 comes with its own power supply.
2) Screen - A16 is more glossy than the AU16 but it's standard brightness at 50% is far more brighter than AU16. Not sure if that's generally the case or if it was a problem with the unit initially shipped to me since the first unit had some backlighting issue. The colours looked a little better on AU16 but it could just be placebo. Nothing a little adjustment in your graphics driver panel can't rectify. Viewing angles on the A16 are not as good as the AU16.

All in all, so far so good. Recommended buy.
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