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29 October 2018
• After months of juggling I finally bought this disc at ₹399.
• This movie is the second installment and the sequel to “The Matrix” movie which released in the year 1999.
• PLOT: This installment shows “The ONE aka NEO” who has realized his full potential powers and is fighting against the matrix for the freedom of last surviving humans living under the earth’s crust in last free city called “Zion”.
• I will not further into the narrative part of the movie which would render pointless the purchasing of this bluray disc for the consumer.
• Now coming to the disc I received was in pristione condition and exactly as depicted in the image in website.
• The package comes with only one bluray disc which has the complete movie.
• The Bluray disc has some extra features like “making of the movie” and cast interviews.
• The runtime is approx. 130 mins.
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3.6 out of 5 stars