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7 June 2019
Sweety Nair is a star athlete in her school, she’s pretty, she’s as sweet as her name suggests and everything sounds perfect right? But no, Sweetie has one major defect, she is fat 😑 It doesn’t matter if she is healthy, it doesn’t matter if she is at her physical best, people keep judging her based only on her dress size and Sweetie is done with all that. She is ready to show everyone including her mother that size doesn’t matter when it comes to happiness. So cue The Sassy Sweety Project and first thing on the agenda is getting a boyfriend and who better than star basketball player and school hottie Ashish Patel?! The rest of the book follows Sweetie on her journey of rediscovering her self confidence.
This was such a cute read but with a very important message about body positivity. I could relate a lot to Sweetie because I am plus sized like her and a Malayali as well. I really appreciated all the little details that the author managed to include in the narrative that shows the culture and language exactly right. There were a few minor language details that did irk me but overall it was a very good representation of malayalis. I appreciate it all the more because usually when Indians are represented in books, they don’t show the diversity within our country and group South Indians, North Indians and everyone in between under a single category. The author being an Indian could have had something to do with that 😅
The romance was very adorable and sometimes a bit cheesy (but it’s mostly the cute kinda cheesy and not the cringe kinda cheesy). I do wish Ashish’s character was slightly better developed but maybe if I had read the previous books where he makes a guest appearance, I could have had a better understanding of his character. But overall a really adorable and light read with a great message about body positivity. Definitely recommended.
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