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27 September 2017
I am surprised that there are thousands of reviews but no one described it fully, So I am going to write a detailed review. I will explain full features, pro and cons.
Kindly Read full review if you want to invest in it.

Buying process:
I was looking for Chromecast for a long time, but after launch of amazon fire stick tv, I researched and decided that it is better than the Chromecast in many aspect, so I purchased it during festive sell.

Packaging and delivery:
I am a prime customer so delivery was quick and I received it in 2 days, packaging was superb. It comes in a box with bubble wrapped around it. The black box inside looks pretty. I have added images of unboxing.

What is it:
It is a smart device made by Amazon to convert your simple TV into a smart TV. You need a TV which supports HDMI connection. After installing it you can do almost everything that you can do in a smart TV.
Also You will get an amazing remote with it.

What can you do with it:
1. It comes with a non infra-red voice remote which is simple but powerful , you will not need tv remote to change the initial connection from TV to HDMI, just press any button on remote and you are ready to go.
2. You can install apps from built in Amazon app store.
3. There are plenty of good apps avaliable like hotstar, Amazon prime video, YouTube, JioCinema, Netflix and many more.
4. You can install third party app also like web browser but you have to be a little techy for doing the same. Watch any YouTube tutorial for installing a web browser. ( Now Firefox browser is available on app store)
5. You can control everything by remote given as well as by your mobile by downloading fire tv remote app. Controlling fire stick via mobile a lovely thing, because you can also type via your mobile keyboard otherwise you have to use on screen keyboard.
6. You can mirror you mobile screen and Windows 10 laptop to tv. So with fire stick just forget about any wired connection. You read it right, you can mirror your laptop too. For doing so press home button for about 2 seconds and open screen mirroring screen in fire TV and then open screen mirroring in your mobile or laptop.
7. Don't worry about how to operate it, it will gives you various tips on 1st time startup.
8. During screen mirroring, you can press any button on remote to exit the mirroring.
9. You can connect it to any wifi or wifi hotspot just like you do in mobile via it's setting menu.
10. Unfortunately you will need a high speed at least 512 KBps connection to watch videos in full HD. But with JIO you can manage with it. :p

Installation :
1. Look at the attached pictures.
2. Put batteries in the remote.
3. Put fire stick in HDMI extender if you want or need it and plug it into your TV's HDMI port.
4. Plug USB cable in the fire stick USB port and connect adopter to normal 220V AC supply. (wire length is only 1 meter so you will need power supply near TV)
5. Change input type of your TV to HDMI via your TV remote.
6. Now i don't need to tell anything because you will see necessary instructions of installation on your TV screen. :p


1. It Supports various apps like JioCinema, Netflix, SonyLIV, Youtube, Amazon Prime VIDEO, Hotstar and the list goes on. You can install/uninstall apps.
2. it have a lovely and durable remote with it but who need it because you can control the stick via your mobile.
3. You can mirror your laptop and mobile with it fulfils the purpose of chromecast.
4. You can use it's voice function, just say any movie name, actor name and it will show you everything. It works for 90% of case.
5. Good Dolby digital sound, and I paired it with Sony 5.1 home system and it gives a great experience.
6. As already told, it can wake up the TV if you press any button on it. So Need of external TV remote everytime.
7. It gives us an option to use screen saver like we see in shopping mall and believe me these screen savers are great. Sometimes you will just leave it idle to see the screen savers.
8. Watching Movies in amazon prime videos is a joy, because it shows X-ray of nay movie. You can read actor name, jump to specific scenes, music etc.


1. Many one says that set up process in not easy, but believe me it's easy. Just follow instructions I gave, and instructions on tv screen.
2. It always run on highest quality, you will not get an option to watch videos at 480p if you want to save your data. (however if your connection speed it slow it will run on 480p or lower)
3. If you switched to cable connection or say Tata sky, it don't get automatically turned off, thus it will consume your data. So end every task before making a switch.
4. While mirroring, some videos have lags, you will feel like you are watching videos in slow motion. That's why I deducted 1 star.
5. The remote don't have any volume button.
6. I can't find anymore, except now I have 5 remotes in total. :D

Overall verdict:
If you want to watch tv via internet, if you are planning to take chrome cast, if you want to enjoy TV show whenever you want, then this device is for you. Go ahead, Buy it and enjoy.

Update on 25/01/18:
1. You can still Watch YouTube, Even you can browse the web, I am pasting manufacturer comment here
"To access YouTube, download the Firefox or Silk full web browsers for free today. You can even use your Fire TV Stick remote buttons to easily search, navigate, and play, pause, and fast forward web videos. To download one of these apps, simply search for “Firefox” or “Silk” using your remote. With Firefox and Silk web browser on Fire TV, the entire world wide web is now at your fingertips. You can now access all your favorite web content on the big screen including sports, news, TV shows, movies, social news and web videos. "

2. there is much content available on it without premium subscription of any app like Hotstar, Still if you want, you can buy premium subscription of apps like Netflix, Hotstar, SonyLiv etc. Even if you don't take premium subscription You can watch any show on it after one day, Just use Hotstar and JioCinema app to watch TV shows, (all TV shows are available in these 2 apps after 1 day)

3. you can run JioCinema on WiFi also, You don't need Jio Sim card for watching JioCinema.

4. For watching English TV shows, you can take amazon prime subscription or 'Hotstar premium' subscription.

That's all, still If you have any query or any technical problem, feel free to contact me. Happy to Help. :)
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