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2 October 2018
I use this to cast my laptop screen on my Mi-smart TV.
Note:- I use it under HDMI(ARC) option. ARC simply means if you have external speakers and want to use them to play the sound, you can choose between your projector/TV sound and external speakers. In normal HDMI, you can only play sound from TV/projecting device. (Your TV also should support ARC.)

* Good quality - Both picture and Audio. (I have an old laptop but I can play 1080p and 4K videos by projecting it's screen to my smart TV screen.)
* Not expensive compared to other brands and value for money.
* Projection has no problem. - If you connect from laptop, make sure you hit the Fn+project screen key and choose the options like Screen extend/Second screen only.. etc. Sometimes, if you don't do it, you may just get a black screen but nothing to worry.
* Gold plated connectors. No worries of rust or corrosion.
* No lag or glitches whatsoever. Projection of Videos, PPT, Browser, Games etc are all working seamlessly.
* Adequate length and strong grip of connectors.

* Thought it is flexible, it is not flexible like a braided ones and twisting and twirling can't be done. However, it doesn't matter if your devices' are kept stationary.

PS:- If you are confused between so many brands and cables, then go with this one. It is best in market, worth the price and totally reliable from Amazonbasics.
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