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26 August 2019
Have you ever felt for someone since you were a kid and even after being a grownup you still love them with all your heart? Well guess what, Georgie castle was also in love with Travis Ford since she was a kid. But to Travis she was just his Best Friends Sister.

I mean you get it how guys feel to date their Best Friends small sister and that’s how exactly Travis Ford felt until he completely gave up on the charms of Georgie castle.

Georgie Castle was the smallest amongst the members of the Castle family who had a famous ongoing business in Port Jefferson. Travis Ford whose parents were divorced and had left him to be alone in a very small age had grown up to be a famous baseball player.

As life is always unpredictable, Travis met with an accident and lost love of his life- Baseball. Stuck with depression, Georgie couldn’t see him wallowing down and so she decides to bring him back to life.

Since working as a clown and making other kids happy, Georgie was never taken seriously in her life ever. Her urge to be taken seriously by her family and Travis’s urge to get back on the field made them both come back together and fall for each other.

However, Travis always seemed to have commitment issues because of his past and with one mess created by him, he realized he was absolutely in love with Georgie Castle.

This book also encourages Woman empowerment as a group of Just us league has been started by the Woman characters to help each other to reach their goals.
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