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4 June 2019
There are lots of reviews on net for XR, I would give just quick points based on my experience of XR 128 GB.

1). Perfect size for a phone for playing game, consuming social media and entertainment.

2). Probably best battery ever in iPhone. I use to charge it once in 2 days despite all day calls, music and YouTube usage. Though I don’t play much game on it.

3). Superb loudSpeaker and call reception. Very clear sound quality.

4). Fantastic build quality with Glass back providing wireless charging

5). Super camera at back and it does the job more than satisfactory. 12 MP processor has been utilised at utmost level. Don’t go by merely MP numbers, apple image processor is superb even at 12 MP. Front camera gives very nice portrait shots. It just does the job without much of beautification processing like in other android devices.

6). Awesome face recognition even in pitch dark condition. It works in collaboration with multiple sensors and front camera unlike other contemporary phones which are purely dependent on front camera. Which results into 100% safe locking. And also it’s very fast under any situation. Just tap on the screen and the phone is ready to work instantly. You don’t even realise that there is a lock/unlock processing.

7). Fantastic screen with smoothest interface. iOS works magically on XR. Though there are some negative reviews on net for the screen but I don’t feel an iota of issue in this marvellous screen. Yes you can’t count pixels in it. It’s just perfect screen. Watching YouTube is perfectly fine on this device.

8). XR is a Monster in speed and processing. It surely miles ahead of its android counterparts.

9). Heptic touch is 100% precise and very responsive

10). With current discount of 17 K plus HDFC cashback this is undoubtedly a value for money product.

11). Considering the trend this phone will take at least 4-5 iOS update which means it will be in mainstream product line even after 3-4 years which is not the case for any Android device.

12. It’s perfect package and best option against XSMax. No overheating, No lag in app switching, It just bang on.

1). No headphone connector for 3.5 mm jack though it comes with lightning headphone instead of 3.5 mm jack. It’s not cool as considering the price apple should have given the connector. Original connector cost 900 INR

2). No fast charging adapter. It comes with 5wt charger which takes almost 3 hours for complete charging. Though it support fast charging. Apple should have given a fast charger in packing.

3). Though I am ok with notch, many people might not like the cut. However Once you get use to it, this becomes unnoticeable.

4). Slightly thick bezels and heavy weight which is again not a deal breaker. As you hold this device you feel the sturdy and quality product Fromm Apple.

5). Finger print scanner is gone and people might miss it in this mobile. However after a week usage I am now much more comfortable with this departure.

With current Apple discount, XR 128 GB is a perfect buy. If you have the budget, don’t think twice just go for it. Considering the price gap between XR and XSMax I would say XR is a better buy in every aspect with same Camera, Hardware and build quality. It has an advantage of future iOS update over its android competitors.

Above all this, XR is IP67 certified which means now you need not to worry about splashes and dust. It’s safer, stronger and better iPhone in every sense.

Last but not the Least
Buy only from Amazon/Appario as they give 100% genuine product in perfectly intact condition.
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