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10 April 2018
This book includes 11 stories; all stories are influenced by the life of the writer.

The first story, ‘Three thousand stitches’ is a story where the author wanted to eradicate devadasi system and for this, she tried hard. However, the success doesn’t come until her father gives her a practical piece of advice. In the end, she received a unique gift from them.

In ‘How to beat the boys’, the author narrated story of her engineering college, where she was the only girl and how she tackled this situation and later this experience helped her in many ways.

‘Food for thought’ is a story, where the author went to her friend’s place for lunch. Her father is a botanist and further, she gets to know the origin of various vegetables and fruits and how they come to India.

‘Three handful of water’ narrates the writer’s early introduction to the place Kashi and how it is important to visit Kashi.

‘Cattle class’ story is featured in many news reports. In this story, the author is called as cattle class on the airport just because of her simple attire. However, in the end, it has a great twist.

‘A life unwritten’ depicts a story of writer’s father. He was on duty in the remote area where he was forced to deliver a child of an unmarried girl. Years later, this girl meets him. This story is absolutely amazing.

In ‘No place like home’ the author meets some women who are the housemaid in the Middle East and they all are going through with the bad experience.

‘A powerful ambassador’ says a story about Bollywood and how it famous across the globe.

‘Rasleela and the swimming pool’ is the story where the author narrates mythological stories to her grandchildren but their reenactment of this story was totally amusing.

Next story is ‘A day in Infosys foundation’. Writer’s old friend complains her that she is very busy and she doesn’t have time for her close friend. On this, the author invited her to be with her the whole day and see her schedule.

‘I can’t we can’ is the story where the author came to know about the impressive organization of ‘Alcoholics Anonymous’. She attended their meetings and totally loved their determination to reform their habit.

Writing style:

The language is super easy and the narration is smooth making you finish this book in two to three sitting.

My perception:

Without any doubt, I loved this story. This book reminded me of author’s previous book ‘Wise and otherwise’. The stories are so amazing and you will find yourselves immersed in them. I can’t choose a single favorite story as all the stories are totally worth to read. From each story, you are going to learn something and this is the reason I love Sudha Murthy’s book. A very impressive collection of short stories! Do not miss it!
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