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15 July 2018
I have been using the Bajaj cooler for 2 months
and hence posting the review
Pros:-1)Compact and portable
2) Easy mobility with the help of castor wheels
3)It gives out nice cool breeze with the water filled in

1) the plastic screws can be replaced with metal ones
2) the plastic body joints sometimes leaves little gaps so bajaj should think of making better bodies

I have some recommendations for those who are thinking buying this cooler or any cooler

1) Always measure your room dimensions first before buying a cooler
For example if you expect this cooler to cool a room of 300 square feet it wont happen
but if its meant for a room 150 sq feet and below it will serve the purpose
2) this cooler doesn't comes with humidity control so what's the best way to control humidity ?
whenever you run the cooler and after the pump/cooling is tuned on after sometime you will feel that the cooler is not cooling that much that it was at the beginning when you started the pump ,the reason is the humidity level of the room is saturated.. so solution for this is turn off the pump and use the cooler fan only for some time and you get cooling again .. again after some time when you feel hot you need to turn on the pump..This is how humidity control works
3) Get a extension power cord which will cost you few hundreds which will help you to move the cooler to any part of the room
4)Get a water filling pipe which you can use to fill water from the back side as filling water with bottles or mug is not recommended as it will spill water on floor
5)And you have to manually move the louvers or grill up or down to get air on top or at floor level
6) Always keep some windows open to allow cross ventilation in room

Overall this is a decent cooler if you know how to use a cooler
Bajaj Platini PX97 TORQUE 36 Ltrs Room Air Cooler (White)
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