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11 May 2015
It takes a little while to get going, but once it does, "The French Connection" is a tense, fast-paced thriller with terrific set pieces and a great lead performance by Gene Hackman.
OK. I must admit. I am biased because I'm a right sucker for this type of film. To begin with it's a true film, and stars one of my all time favorite actors, Gene Hackman. 
Take it's infamous car chase scene for example. You can seldom watch a movie made nowadays which hasn't tried to emulate a like-minded high octane pursuit between two opposing parties. Heck, even Spiderman 2 paid homage to it.
What's more, I best mention that its overall tone is another landmark standard.
 what I loved about this movie the most relied heavily on four key factors. Firstly, most of the actors in it were great to watch -- especially Gene and Roy -- because they were able to give their respective roles some depth of realism. Secondly, conceptually the tale is based on a real event -- about a bunch of cops who try to stop drugs coming into the country -- thus portrayed in that seventies style which is both earthy and evolving at the same time. Thirdly, I thought the chase sequences elevated it's wider-ranging pretext to such a degree, they actually added a suspenseful value to the plot. And fourthly the music! Just like those chase scenes I previously mentioned, the rhapsodic melodies heard throughout actually added a captivating value to the general ambiance.
The French Connection is classic and multi-award winning cinema, garnering the Oscar wins. It's a precise and deliberate picture that is far from glamorous; instead, the film enjoys a gritty, in-your-face look and feel that conveys every theme of the film nicely, including the seedy underbelly of civilization, the monotony of police work, and the dangers of the chase.
The blu-ray package is nicely supported by an array of bonus materials. Highly recommended.
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