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12 December 2018
Im using this with poreless powder maybelline product, and both of them goes so well together!
I really recommend this product... since this is first time I use foundation other than cushions, I may not know much about the foundations. But I went through so many review and ratings and this foundation was the one which was on my list which I wanted to buy and it worths buying it

If your personal skin is warm tone, i really prefer using this colour cuz it has a bit of yellowish base. (Not dark though) and it covers your troubles too ( but i use concealor along with it.. I think if you want to hide a skin trouble i prefer you using concealor along with it ) and the best part is that it is kind of long lasting when you use it with a powder!

To be frank I will buy it again once it gets over ( the bigger one! )
And the powder which i used along with it was the maybelline fitme poreless powder (if im not wrong..?)
And im using the lightest shade among them (im sorry about couldnt mentioning which colour exactly but it was the lightest one among them ÷)
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