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22 May 2019
A few good tips in here but just way too pc for me. I love all people and respect their right to their own beliefs, but I'm so tired of the gender-neutral word police. Incidentally, if someone refused to refer to me as "she", I would not only be offended, but feel like a total failure as a woman. I'm not looking to start an argument, but if we're going to be fair to everyone then it bears saying that eliminating gender pronouns isn't necessarily always kind, and may even be insulting. Surely we can still be respectful without this foolishness, and I fail to see how suddenly changing the very nature and rules of a language can make for more effective communication any more than suddenly changing the rules of the road would make for more effective driving. Wouldn't it be better to just try adding kind words, instead of eliminating ones that are integral to understanding one another effectively?
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