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23 September 2018
If you are reading this review, you are in absolute minority. Ravish writes from his heart on the state of our nation, and it's quite scary. He stats with the basic principle of democracy and how these principles have been diminishing over the last 4 years. He talks about press freedom, and how the media is being bought and controlled by those in power. By the time you are done with the first chapter, you have given up the hope for a resurgent India that you were dreaming of.

By the time you are done with this small but power-packed book, you not only feel sorry for the finest journalist but you also end up with this weird feeling of which way our democracy is actually going. The trolls, paid and otherwise, control the flow of fake news and the rest of us fall for it.

I lost my friend of 40 years to one such Anti-Modi-Pro-Modi conversation. I am no longer on Facebook or Twitter. If just being a citizen of this country, you are subjected to this kind of a treatment, just imagine what you must be going through as Ravish Kumar.

People like me are in absolute minority... those who, in spite of being pro-india, are branded as Anti-India because we Challange those in Power by asking questions.

This book is a must read for every citizen of India, just to understand how the politicians use us as vote bank. Five Stars from me to this Ravish's Book for raising true questions that may build a new democracy.
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