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Customer Review

11 December 2018
Book Name: The Journey: Traveller with in
Author: Tarun Deep Singh
Genre: Self- Help
Publisher: Become Shakespeare Publishing
Introduction: Every human is a seeker of ‘Truth’. But almost all give up in the middle since they are threatened by their alter ego, ‘The Fallen One’. The first step is to accept that yes, ‘I’ am ‘The Fallen One’ and then proceed for soul searching. This is unstable equilibrium so the caution has to be practiced. So, I would like to reach ‘Youth of India’ in particular by presenting them what ‘search for self realization’ has to offer. It is not easy, perhaps the most difficult task to be undertaken, but the persistence is the key. .
My Opinion: It was a very short book, talked about high and deep concepts in a easy and simple way. It's a self-help book which will make you think twice about your self, your habits & the life you are living. The book divided into six different chapters which clarify the book content and motive slowly. I personally liked the book and the authors way really connected my with me. The mathematical and scientific concepts were really logical. Taking about the cover- I definitely think it could be well designed, though it's simple and fine. I do recommend this book, even to beginners.
Pros: Language was easy, concepts were lovable and logistics. I could relate with it. It was helpful to me personally. Some places the book was really enjoyable.
Cons: Felt bit monotonous at few places.
Rating: 3.85🌟
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