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9 February 2019
This review is after 7 months of using the Nokia 6.1. I must say that the experience has been rather disappointing. I bought this phone in July last year and it has been giving different kind of problems since then. Fortunately, none of them have stopped me from using it till now but I don't know till when. Listing my experience with specific issues below

1. It hangs rather frequently. In about a month's time from purchase, it started getting hung. Even if I have a couple of apps open and do a quick switch between them or open a notification from the notification bar, the phone hangs. The only way to access that app again is by killing it. The problem did improve initially after the android 9 update but it is back now.

2. SMS app malfunctioning : The SMS app started malfunctioning soon after buying the phone. The text messages don't show up in notifications anymore and new messages are only visible when I open the sms app manually. Also deleting unwanted messages is really slow sometimes.

3. Camera performance : The camera is good enough in daylight but takes rather poor photos in low light and at night.
There's too much noise and poor color reproduction. I can bet that there's many phones in the same budget that a much better camera.

4. Network reception : The network reception on this phone is rather poor and call drops and loss of voice from the other side is very common. The reception drops even at a slight movement of the phone position. I have to be stationary during my calls to be able to hear the other person correctly.

The only good thing about this phone has been its build quality. It feels really solid and well built. I did drop it a couple of times with significant force and it didn't even have a mark on it. Overall, it has been a very hard 7 months with this phone. I went with Nokia because of their brand name but the product doesn't really live up to the standards set by old Nokia phones.
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