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23 May 2016
So I have received this laptop (netbook) just few hours ago, so these are my just first thoughts.
Build quality - overall it`s good, you can feel its plastic body, you can even hear it from time to time, but guys, this is not the thinkpad. This is super cheap laptop for travelers, students etc. This shouldn`t be you major laptop. It`s very light (1kg), and very thin (+- 2cm). The laptop does not have any FAN, so dont expect any sounds from this machine. The whole machine is black plastic, just the top display cover is silver with the logo of micromax.

Hardware: display - IT IS NOT AN IPS screen as it`s written in the description (please amazon fix the description), so do not expect super viewing angles! It`s just an average TN panel, the resolution is quite good for this 11.6 inches LCD (1366*768). What I really like is the minimum brightnes - very soft for reading at the night. On the other hand the maximum brightnes could be higher, but for working inside it`s enough. ooo, I`ve almost forgotten this - the display has matte finish (it`s not the glossy one). You have to expect warmer color reproduction, so most of the the white color is a bit yellowish (compared to my workbook from Dell). Also there is no touchscreen, so you can not control this laptop as a tablet!
CPU+RAM+Drive: So this is the basic 4-core Intel Atom CPU without active cooling (one more time, no more sounds from the fan) packed together with 2GB RAM and 32GB flash drive (the eMMC 5.0, the same that is used in cell phones). Even under heavy load (4k video streaming) this CPU doesnt boil any eggs (I was really really suprised). This HW can even handle the 4k video on youtube, but in case you want the 4k smooth, you have to watch it through the Microsoft edge (firefox can play smooth youtube only upto 1080p). I have also tried the mkv files and this HW has no problem to handle multimedia.
In terms of the drive, you have only 32GB flash drive (made by Samsung in my case), after the first setup you will have 20GB free space, you can buy micro SD card for really small price now, so I would suggest just to add to the basket the 64GB micro SD with this laptop.

Keyboard and touchpad: keyboard is the one part you can feel where they cut the price in terms of lower quality. The touch is not so smooth, and it could be better. But still I am writing this review on this laptop and I am comparing you with the Dell workbook (which costs 8x more). You can get use to it, so it`s nothing you should worry about. The touchpad does not recognize multitouch, but it does not really bother me since I prefer this older version of classic touchpads.

Connectivity: so we have a bluetooth and wifi here. I have just tried the WIFI and so far is working without any problems (already connected to two different networks).
There is also RJ45 connector, 2x USB, micro SD card slot so dont try to save your money and add at least 64GB micro SD. We have also HDMI connector (the traditional one), and there is the 3.5mm jack connector for headset (you can use the same headset as you use for your cell phone).

Software: All you get is original installation of Windows 10 (32 bit version, even if the CPU support 64 bit), it`s a clean version, without any additional 3P software. All you have to do is to register your device. You dont have to buy a license, the license is already there and device is activated in terms of Windows.

Battery: so far it`shard to comment, but I was able to did some tests (video, youtube etc.), installs (firefox, VLC), and the screen on time is around 3 hours, I went from 86% to 36%, so I should have no problem to survive at least 5 hours online (my display has at least +60% of the brightness). EDIT: battery is quite good. I would expect around 6-7 hours of watching movies (with high brightnes and turned on wifi, and probably around 5 hours of browsing with high brightness)

Final resolution: I would definitely buy it one more time!

Micromax vs iBall Excelance CompBook 11.6
I wanted to order Micromax instead of Iball. The reason was simple - the IPS Screen. Since it`s not true, I would maybe think about it one more time and finally I would also consider the iBall, but I have also read the review when the reviewer was complaining about the not really good working touchpad (This would be still hard for me, because be honest guys, who from you is taking mice with yourself on the trips). So once the iball solves the problem with touchpads, their iBall series can be even better choice. In terms of HW it`s just the same package, but iBall offers more than double battery (if it`s true, 4 500mAh vs 10 000mAh for iBall).
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