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8 February 2019
Let's first get a few things out of the way. The description claims it to be an imported product and charges a high price. Well, it is just another Chinese unbranded product and could have been priced lower. I found some of the reviews for other similar products mention their wall mount stand as shaky or that the TV was about to fall from it. That is the reason why I went for this one in spite of the higher price. I am happy that I did that, as the product is sturdy and does not shake when the arms are extended. In my case it is a lightweight Mi 32 inch TV for my treadmill, but the material and joints look promising and capable of taking a heavier load.

I couldn't go for the fixed type stand as the wall I needed it on had a pillar that I should not drill into. I installed this stand myself on an adjacent wall and turned it in the direction I needed. Unless you own a drill, you will need to call in somebody to install it. It can be fixed by one person if you have the right tools. You need to attach the arms to the wall and separately attach a part to the TV. All screws are provided. For 100 or 200 VESA TVs you don't need the arm extensions and installation takes hardly 10 mins. After both pieces are in place you can lift the TV and place it on a slot at the end of the arms already attached to the wall. You can take your arms off the TV and screw in the nuts needed to keep it in place in the slot. A tiny spirit level is also provided to help level the TV. No other tool is provided though the description suggests something more is there.

I was particular that the arm was longer than half the width of my TV. Since I was installing it at a corner, this was required to be able to keep the TV facing in at least two directions, say South and West at 90 degrees parallel to the two corner walls. My 32 inch TV was 73 cms wide. At an extended length of close to 50 cms, it was more than the half width I needed. Most TV stand listing seem to have arms that can extend to only about 30 cms or less. A longer arm may make the TV protrude a little away from the wall though, depending on your positioning. According to where you intend to install it, this may be an important criteria to check.

The description again mentions at length about cable cover feature. Don't give much weightage to it. It is actually a couple of small velcro strips and a flimsy plastic casing to hide the screws that attach the stand to the wall. The attachment hooks of the plastic case came broken and I had to use some black insulation tape to keep it in place.

If you don't want to risk your costly TV falling, it is better to invest in a heavy duty stand like this though it is a bit overpriced. I think the same product is available under various names like Tanotis or MX based on who imported it. You are anyway likely to get the same Chinese product. Just make sure that the specifications and accessories are what you need.

Checkout the attached photos as well. Hope the review has helped you make a decision. If so, please indicate the same below.

Update Feb 2019: I noticed that at least one of the arm joints is not tight and allows the TV to move after you have kept it in a particular position. It is not a problem for me currently because in its default position, part of the arm touches the wall and hence does not move. I can see that there is a nut at the joint which can be tightened to arrest the motion. So it is not a big issue.
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