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13 August 2018
Interaction with Dr. Balu changed me for better. Want to quote two incidences -

1. I was looking for answers to one of my dilemma of whether to undertake a development initiative or not? I explained the concept and took sometime and asked him what should I do? he just said that "If I think it will add to positivity of this world, I should do it otherwise No". It was his amazing insight to go to the root of the initiative and that insight gave me power to go ahead and doing it.

2. In one of the class on adaptive leadership, we were asked to map our priorities vs time we spend under different heads. For me one of top priority was "Helping others - 50% weights" and I was spending just very dismal time " weight - 10%". And there was a Eureka moment - I understood why I was stressed.

Seems simple with the benefit of hindsight but these are exactly blindspots which need unlocking and he unlocked it for me.

Coming back to book, it is an amazing collection of his life stories , observations and how he viewed it and for me though stories look very similar to what I have been reading but his "Art of viewing / perceiving" is something which is my essential take away. I am blessed to have read this book. Thanks Dr. Balu and may you have more Shakti to spread the inspiration you got from Madi, Masthi, Kumar,Appiraja, Malathi, Yajamanas and others.
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