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28 June 2019
This book is in the same league as those articles in The Economist, Guardian and New York Times trying to scare monger people into not voting for Modi. Shout from the rooftops about the dangers of "Hindu Nationalism", shout "majoritarianism", even as the majority community if forced to flee towns like Kairana and suffer communal lynchings without any coverage by English language media (thank God for vernacular press).

Hinduism says that there are multiple paths to truth, unlike Abrahamic cults which claim their path to God and their God is the only true God..that followers of other religions will go to hell. Therefore, Hinduism is inherently tolerant. There is no concept of infidels, kaafirs or heathens in religions born in India.

All this is therefore, just exaggeration of some isolated cases (while subduing incidents where the religions are reversed) to project a sense of fear and create Hinduphobia. Unfortunately, Hinduphobia in Indian and western media and academics is an unacknowledged reality. People like Vamsi Juluri and Rajiv Malhotra are doing a stellar job fighting it.
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