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15 May 2019
Anyone who knows enough hindi would know the 2-syllable Hindi word for "let's make a fool out of them" ... which is the typical strategy adopted by all Indian companies. And this bulb is a prime example of "lets make a fool out of them" strategy adopted by all Indian companies.

Everything about this product is wrong! Amazon should have a "negative rating system", especially for Indian products, and I would have given this bulb negative-5-stars.

So, I received this bulb around 11:00 am on May 15, 2019. I put it in the socket, and it was glowing continuously like a 5W bulb that you can get for INR 20 (possibly cheaper on Amazon). For the first time in my life, I had to find a "user-manual" and actually read it. Engineers at Wipro obviously do NOT know about QR codes. Or maybe Premji is trying to save INR 0.05 (5 paise) by NOT printing a QR code on the box.

So, I read the manual, downloaded the "Wipro Next Smart Home App" from the Play Store and started it. 1st page: accept our "agreenment" with no text shown!!! I give Wipro negative 5 stars for that. Alright, I accepted the unseen agreement. 2nd page: give us your phone number. Alright I did that too. I waited for 5 minutes to get a "verification SMS" but none showed up! So, I requested a "resend verification code" and the app showed me a message to the effect: you are asking for verification codes too many times, so, wait for a little while!! What the ... was my only thought because I had just waited for 5 minutes to receive a verification code and you, Wipro, never sent me any. After trying it "exactly 5 times" ... I gave up and entered my email address. That was when they sent me the verification code. So, now Wipro has my phone number and my email address so they can send me marketing messages to buy Santoor soap (or whatever they make) and Wipro cooking oil!!

After that, I had to add a room and give them my address!! I figured this was ridiculous, but I chose to continue with their flow. So, I chose to put the room as "toilet" and not give them my address.

The next step was to add the device. The app said something like "make sure the bulb is blinking, else, turn it on and off a few times to get it to blink." I counted ... I had to turn it on and off EXACTLY 28 times to get it to blink. That is NOT a "few times", that's a LOT of TIMES.

The main reason I wanted to get this bulb was because I want something that will switch off on a schedule. I have gotten into the bad habit of falling asleep with all the lights in my house switched on ... so I figured I would try this bulb ... and if it worked, I was hoping to replace all the other bulbs/tube-lights in my house with similar Wipro bulbs. It should be obvious that the first thing I tried was to set a schedule. It was 12:10 pm, so I figured I would try to switch off the bulb at 12:11 pm. The schedule page clearly says that the schedule will be implemented +/- 30 seconds. I get it ... this is NOT a real time system, and considering that most humans have a 60+ life-spans a few seconds here and there is not a big deal. So, like a small kid looking at his first light bulb, I sat there waiting for the bulb to switch off. The time switched to 12:11 pm ... then 12:12 pm ... then 12:13 pm ... but the bulb wouldn't switch off. I figured 1 minute was "too real time" for this Wipro bulb. So, I set a schedule after 10 minutes. 15 minutes passed, then 20 ... and NOTHING happened!!! The bulb was glowing like an INR 20 5W bulb that you can pick up at your local baniya. I had just made a discovery: THIS WIPRO BULB, that WIPRO claims to be a SMART BULB, is actually NOT a SMART BULB! It is a typical Indian, "let's make a fool out of them" strategy adopted by all Indian companies!

So, by the end of all that waiting, I knew it was time to return the bulb. But, I chose to find out what other "features", if any at all, did this "let's make a fool out of them" SMART BULB from Indian mega-corp "Wipro" had in it. The only real feature was to change colors. And that feature only works "manually!!" So, you have to sit there, with the bulb plugged in, and your "smartphone" with the app installed in your hand ... changing between colors. You would have to be one bored mind to play with the colors on this stupid "NOT AT ALL SMART" bulb from Wipro.

So, by about 12:50 pm I realized I had had enough with this "Indian product" that had just proven that I was a typical Indian willing to be made a fool of by yet another Indian conglomerate.

Bottom line: this is NOT a SMART BULB even though Wipro likes to claim it. This stupid thing was a waste of my time and since I don't hate you ... I would recommend that you don't waste your time on this stupid thing either. Of course, if you just want to experience how Indian companies make a chu... out of Indians ... then you should get this bulb to experience first hand the Indian strategy of "let's make a fool out of them Indians."
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