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25 August 2019
Before I start this review I’ll let you know, I love the Apple brand and I’ve never used a 1080p OLED phone in my life (This screen seems perfectly normal to me). That being said I’ll dive into the review. I got this phone on the Prime day sale and I’ve been using it for almost a month now and here are my thoughts about this phone.
The phone’s frame is made of aluminum (matching the color of your phone) and is sandwiched between two glass panels, this gives the phone a premium feel. It is extremely slippery and will start to slide off a perfectly flat surface when the phone vibrates. On the front side, I love the 6.1” screen (800p resolution doesn’t bother me, as mentioned earlier). I only wish Apple would’ve used a curved screen like Samsung does. The notch doesn’t bother me at all, I got used to it in about a couple of days. The buttons are all clicky and I love the slider for the silencing the phone. The phone does not come with a 3.5mm headphone jack to lightning converter (Apple should’ve included this).
I’m using the latest iOS (iOS 12.4) as of writing this review and it’s really fluid. I like the gestures and the lack of the home button is nice. Everything is super smooth and nothing lags (except “endless ducker – game”). iMessage and face time are real nice apps to use and I like the fact that you can send messages with effects to apple users. I did have an issue with iMessage activation but a trip to the nearby future world solved it, on the topic of iMessage you have to pay 5 bucks to activate iMessage (just once). The App store is cool too and I like the other pre-installed apps that come with the phone. This phone should get iOS updates for at least 5 years that’s until 2023!

I feel really comfortable using this phone; I got the hang of how everything works in a week or so. Don’t worry if you’re an Android user and want to switch to iOS, It is really simple. The camera (rear) is good; it takes great photos and can shoot stunning videos. I like the SLO-MO very much. The portrait mode is good, but not great (sometimes it’ll blur out your hair). The selfie camera is also good, take clear, crisp selfies. One handed use is difficult, but it doesn’t bother me much, I normally use both my hands to hold any phone above 5.5”. The air drop feature is like icing on the cake, it allows me to transfer files to other Apple devices at great speeds, and it works like magic.

Final thoughts:
Look, I’m by no way trying to justify the price Apple charges for their iPhones, but I am trying to tell you that this is one great phone with superb features to match the looks, which gets updates for half a decade, has excellent customer service, will get better if you have other Apple products and will get other’s attention easily. In my opinion if you’re going to spend over 50K for a smartphone and if the lifetime of the phone matters, you’ll be well off with this phone than any other android phone. As the say “If you don’t have an iPhone, you just don’t have an iPhone” (emphasis on don’t).
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