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15 September 2018
Good quality...Excellent for scooty. I m using in my Honda activa 110 cc...performance is excellent. Pls guys listen don't go for higher grading like 20w40 or 20w50 and so on. Always remember 10w30 is good for honda engine u can check ur engine oil grade in ur scooty manual book. Don't listen anybody bcz most of the people say that in indian conditions 10w40 or 10w50 is great. First thing u have to know that only go with your company manual. I have done these mistakes before. There 2 types of engine oil one is dry clutch(only for gear less scooty) and another is wet clutch(Gear bike). I bought a castrol 20w40( which is wet clutch for bike )from a local shop they told me it's a very good quality engine oil and i happily bought this and put in my activa.then the starting problem happened,millage reduced,engine noise increased,pickup problem happened...that time i didn't know that these problems happening due to the wrong engine oil..mechanis told me there was a problem in piston u have to 3000 rupees for repair..I totally offset...then Google my problem then i came to know that i putted a wrong engine oil in my i order this and putted in my scooty...woow i got excellent results...all problems are solved..pls guys always go with your company manuals don't listen anybody....and do these mistakes that I have done previously.
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