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27 July 2019
Mandodari - the empress of lanka is the protagonist of this book. Mandodari though appears only in one sarga as per Valmiki Ramayana, she holds a special position because of her loyalty towards her husband & her genuine efforts to show him right path. This was one reason why she was one among the Panchkanyas. This book is totally inspired by Jain Ramayana. Not from the authentic Valmiki Ramayana. So its extremely different from the original epic. However I loved Queen Mandodari. She was potrayed as a normal women who is devastated by her husband's hunger for power & beautiful women. She is asked to ignore it as a queen. And she does it elegantly as a queen. But the wife inside her dies each second. The struggle of Mandodhari was well depicted. Ravan is not whitewashed by the author. His characteristic is well shown. However the shoorpanakha episode is totally different from real version. The author showed shoorpanakha against sita's abduction. Lakshman is shown as villain. Vibhishan as a traitor. To some extent Rama was shown as a hypocrite or weakling. The author completely ignored Ram granting life to Ravan on 1st day of war. Mandodhari being Madhura was a folktale not part of Valmiki Ramayana or not in shivapurana too. Ravan's defeat at the hand of vali too was later added interpolarations. Overall I give 2.5 out of 5
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