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9 January 2019
To begin with the writer spends a good first half in character building, which might feel a little slow to some, but his language, the history of Shillong and its people also the beauty of its landscape is to be savoured through the writers words. He paints a very vivid picture which absorbs the reader like a wormhole (I picked up this book on 31st December 2018 and spent the entire night reading). Further the beautiful forest where the three friends go for a picnic, is so pure and untouched that truly makes you want to travel there. This concoction makes it a read comparable to a Khaled Hosseini.

The book slowly picks up pace and the events thereafter are portrayed with the right measure of reality which makes it a compelling read. The underlying uncertainty further grips the reader, making one pine for their favourite character and for all to be well in the end, but as is life the ending will be bitter sweet for most. 

The book poses many raw questions relevant current times where immigrants are considered "a huge problem" by many powerful world leaders, the book's basal, raw question being "Till when is a person or his family, residing in place an immigrant? Is it one generation or many? Is it not enough to be love the place, respect its nature, live in harmony with its citizens and build its infrastructure for it to accept you? Ultimately is a peace of land greater than all human relationships?"

Overall the book is one of the most wholesome reads ever!
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