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15 September 2017
Swamiji, i am no one to make a comment on your creations.

But i surely want to express my feelings to all those who may like to read.

How lovingly Swamiji has reached out to help those , who really can not find a true guru, in this era of so many fraud baba's. If not all, there are many who are in search of proper guidance, and there could be no better thing, to get the purest of guidance, sitting in comforts of their homes, without visiting any hermitage to search a Guru. The Guru, himself chose to reach out to all His disciples.

Every VIDHI-VIDHAN described so minutely.

I am happy i got a chance to read this book, it surely must have reached me with some purpose, i hope divinity will provide me opportunity in my life, to practice the Divine Mantras.
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