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5 November 2019
Autobiography as a genre is though not popular but they made their presence felt among the reader’s world. Recently I came across an autobiography Imperfect by Sanjay Manjrekar, the Indian ex-cricketer. Autobiography is self –reflection of a person written not necessary to entertain the audience but as a way of constructing the ‘self’. Recently, I read two autobiographies one is by a non-literary man Sanjay Manjrekar and another one is by Ruskin Bond The Lone Fox Dancing both are entirely different in their approaches. One does not go beyond the cricket and cricket world and the other majorly talks of nature and natural beauty. One thing is common in both the autobiographies that both talk about the process of growth of a man. They both talk about the struggles, sufferings, mistakes they made and how did they overcome those difficulties and how every mistake made them worldly wise.
Sanjay Manjrekar’s autobiography is all about his experiences as a son of a famous cricketer, the pressure on him to be a cricketer, witnessing his father’s downfall, monetary struggles, the initial training received in Mumbai, first chance to enter into Indian team, and of course this book about his initial failures in international matches and later on about his success as well. The writer honestly talked about his tantrums when he was popular, how it was difficult for him to witness his own downfall, how he started hating cricket so much that he never played cricket once he got retired. However, after a short span of aloofness from cricketing world he again entered into the field not with a bat but with a mic as a cricket commentator. He still embraces that place strongly because of his oratory skills, though it was not easy when there are many already in queue. The second phase of struggle begins for him when he started his career as a commentator but he improved a lot in a very short time and today considered as one of the best commentators from India.
This book will be definitely loved by all the cricket lovers especially those who are fond of 90s cricket stars. The book is narrated so graphically one can see the pictures of the events discussed in his/her mind. The narration can make the readers re-live the matches narrated minutely . A must read book for the cricket lovers and non-cricket lovers as well.
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